Whilst we are in lockdown we will be holding various different competitions for our members to enter. Each competition will be open for a week and we will announce the winner on Saturday at 5pm.

We will put all entries on this page so please post your entry either on Facebook OR email sundaycirclecardiff@gmail.comImage result for clip art competition

22nd June – 28th June

15th June – 21st June 

8th June – 14th June

1st June – 7th June

25th May – 31st May 





18th May – 24th May Image result for clip art pizza Pizza Image result for clip art pizza

Entries (top row) Luke Evans, Daniel Hughes, Andrew Burnell, (second row) Smit Shetty
















11th May – 17th May See the source image    Self Portrait   See the source image

Entries by (top row) David Melly, Daniel Hughes, Alex Williams, (second row) Luke Baker, Joe Howells, Gareth John, (third row) Hannah Mathias, Cameron Hayden, (bottom row) Timmy Allen & Molly Hancock
























Winners – Cameron Hayden & David Melly


4th May – 10th May Image result for crazy Hat Clip Art Hats Image result for crazy Hat Clip Art

Entry by Emily Howells










26th April -3rd May Image result for clip art rainbowRainbowsImage result for clip art rainbow

Entries by – Emily Howells, Gareth John, Luke Evans & Molly Hancock






Winners – 1st place Emily and 2nd place Molly!! Congratulations